• Cyndi Soup

Cyndi Soup and The Critter Choir Live at The Pond Beyond

Hello everyone, Cyndi Soup here! I just want you to know that Tim Noah and I have opened an Environmental Arts and Education Center in Granite Falls, WA. One of the most important elements of our endeavor is to rehabilitate this 17 acre quarry. When we started our quest there was little but asphalt and weeds. Tiny bare-root fir trees had been planted on the hillsides but they were almost too small to notice. Today those little trees and the hundreds of other natives species that have been planted by our dedicated (rehabilitators) is that a word? are growing in leaps and bounds and cheerfully covering the landscape. We have wetlands and trails to help you explore Mother Nature at your leisure. Join us for a work party to continue our quest to eradicate the invasive species and replace them with natures lovelies. We happily offer Cyndi Soup and The Critter Choir Shows. Tim Noah shows. Science with Judy Dahlberg. Birds, and crafts with Jane Wright. AND LOTS MORE!

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